A God You Can't Refuse (Part 2) Audio


Falling in love with jesus and his word and helping others do the same

May. 03, 2020

Rev Jay Olivo with ASL interpreter Dr Patti Stoudt

Psalm 113:5 (springboard text)

1. God is real (Psalm 90:2) *Psalm 19:1 *Psalm 14:1 *Job 42:5

2. God is powerful (Psalm 89:13) *Philippians 4:13 *Luke 1:37

3. God wants to guide us (Psalm 48:14) *Isaiah 59:2

4. God is awesome (Psalm 65:5) *John 3:16

Discussion questions for groups, for family, and/or for individual introspection:

1. I mentioned a few ways in which we can convince others that God exists. Can you think of other ways; how can we make believers out of non-believers?

2. If God is all-powerful why does it seem sometimes like the enemy is in control; is he?

3. If we truly believe that God is our guide, as the Scriptures confirm, why do we still tend to take matters into our own hands, sometimes?

4. I would say that the average person thinks that the way to God/heaven is by ‘good works.’ Why do you think they think that; and how can we help them understand that it ‘only’ through Jesus?

5. Pray for the Holy Spirit to graciously soften hearts and unclog ears to His Word in regard to this message.