Cling to the King - Part 2 (Audio)


Falling in love with jesus and his word and helping others do the same

Apr. 12, 2020

Rev, Jay Olivo

Text: John 18:37 (springboard)

  1. He rose as King (Revelation 1:18), also read Matthew 28:6, Luke 24:6; Mark 16:6
  2. He reigns as King (Luke 1:31, 33)
  3. He will return as King (Revelation 19:11,16)

Discussion questions for groups, for family, and /or for individual introspection:

  1. Was Jesus always King, or did He become King once He rose? (give reasoning for your answer)
  2. Why do you think Jesus reigns (has His way) in some hearts and lives of Christians more than others?
  3. Why didn't He just exercise His kingship here on earth following His resurrection; why this waiting?
  4. If Jesus rose as King, and is indeed King, why is the world in the shape it's in today?
  5. Pray for God to graciously provide a cure to this virus (according to His will) and to both protect and guide His people in the process.