Signed, Sealed, Rejected - Audio


Falling in love with jesus and his word and helping others do the same

Jun. 14, 2020

Rev. Jay Olivo with ASL interpreter Dr. Patti Stoudt

Signed, Sealed, Rejected

Text: Mark 6:1-6

1. They failed to recognize who He was (vv. 2-4) - Mark 16:9; John 20:19; John 20:24, 26; Mark 16:9; Acts 20:7 - Mark 1:22 - John 4:26; Matthew 9:6; John 5:22; Luke 19:10

2. They failed to receive what He offered (vv. 5-6a) - John 1:11

Important closing verse - Revelation 3:20

Discussion questions for groups, for family, and/or for individual introspection:

1. What are some of the things, in general, that you would say are keeping people from recognizing Jesus today?

2. Can you describe some things Jesus still offers people today that would benefit them, both in this life and the one to come?

3. How can the church contribute to helping others see and know that Jesus is, indeed, alive and still changing lives?

4. Pray for others who have heard, or will hear, this message.

5. Please pray for our church impact, as we begin to gather in our building once again.