A Move of God (Part 3) Video


Falling in love with jesus and his word and helping others do the same

Jun. 07, 2020

Rev. Jay Olivo and deaf interpreter Dr Patti Stoudt

Text: Psalm 114

When God moves:

1. Something Happens to His People (vv. 1-2) - Exodus 19:3-6 - 2 Corinthians 5:17

2. Something Happens to the Obstacles (vv. 3-6) - Job 26:11 - Psalm 18:7 - Psalm 97:5 - Jeremiah 29:11 - Isaiah 54:17a - Matthew 21:21

3. Something Happens to the people (vv. 7-8) - Exodus 19:5 - Exodus 12:38

Closing Prayer Poem by the late A.W. Tozer (his heart for a move of God):

O, Jesus, come and dwell in me,

Walk in my steps each day,

Live in my life, love in my love,

And speak in all I say;

Think in my thoughts, let all my acts

Thy very actions be,

So shall it be no longer I,

But Christ that lives in me

Discussion questions for groups, for family, and/or for individual introspection:

1- Can you tell of a time when you personally experienced a move of God in your life?

2- Can you honestly name (even if to yourself) one, two or three obstacles that have, whether in the past or present, gotten in the way of God’s will for your life?

3- Can you think of one person you know who has had the biggest positive impact in your life regarding the reality of Jesus; if so, in what way?

4- Pray regarding the obstacle(s) admitted in question 2.

5- Thank God for, and if applicable, pray for the person mentioned in question 3.