Is the Lord on your side? - Video (Part 2)


Falling in love with jesus and his word and helping others do the same

May. 31, 2020

Is the Lord on your Side - Part 2

Rev. Jay Olivo with ASL interpreter Dr Patti Stoudt

Text: Psalm 28:7 (springboard text)

1. He will see you through bereavement (Psalm 34:18)

*Matthew 5:4

2. He will see you through panic and fear (Psalm 56:3-4)

*Isaiah 41:10, 13

3. He will see you through this pandemic (Psalm 91:3, 5-7)

*Psalm 23:4

*John 11:25

Important closing verse:

*John 1:12

Discussion questions for groups, for family, and/or for individual introspection:

1. What would be your approach in comforting someone who is undergoing a desperate time of bereavement due to the loss of a relative?

2. How can you guard from allowing a moment of panic to escalate to a regrettable level?

3. In living with the reality of our present pandemic situation, how can we actually balance being careful and trusting God at the same time?

4. Pray for God’s grace to provide a cure for this virus.