What is God Saying to You? (Part 2)


Falling in love with jesus and his word and helping others do the same

Mar. 29, 2020

John 10:24-26

Application questions for discussion for groups, for family, and/or for individual introspection:

1- Why do you think people in general tend to accept that God is, but reject some of what God says?

2- How can we, as followers of Jesus, guard against doing the same; what do we need to do?

3- Why do you think sometimes has to use unusual occurrences to get people’s attention?

4- Of what was said, what sticks with you the most and why?

5- Pray for the hearts and lives of those whom God is speaking during this time.

6- Pray for God’s wisdom to our medical experts, unity to our governments and a cure to this attack.